Brackendale: An Art Gallery in the Woods

A documentary film about Thor Froslev | The Brackendale Art Gallery


Brackendale: An Art Gallery in the Woods Official Trailer 

the filmmakers moving back to denmark and more 5/21/2018

In case you missed the article on the Squamish Chief News you can read the article here


We moved back to Denmark on the 27th of April and we are slowly getting back in to the Danish system and building up a small studio space where we can work and finish the documentary and work with our future projects.

We also announced the release date for the Documentary! 

The 1st of August you will be able to watch the documentary on Vimeo!

we will have a direct link here on the website to watch it.


We are finalizing a couple of sections of the documentary at this point and adding in an interview with Pat Middelmann that we filmed last week.

We also started doing these funny/strange behind the scene videos on YouTube. make sure to check  them out! 

Help us share and grow awareness of the film!

Thanks you for the support!


Teaser Trailer